I’m Konstantina, a Greek biologist on a journey to unravel the wonders of life and share the marvels of biology with you. With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Biomedicine, I’ve immersed myself in the intricate world of living organisms, from the microscopic realms of microbiology to the occurrence of evolution since the beginning of life.

In my undergraduate thesis, I delved into the world of extracellular vesicles produced by cardiac myoblasts under both normal and oxidative stress conditions. These tiny messengers, with their complex and diverse content, are involved in cellular communication and have gained scientists’ interest in the last couple of years, as they seem to be implicated in many aspects of physiology and disease. During my master’s studies, I focused on the effects of hyperosmotic and oxidative stress on a specific cell type of the intervertebral disc, as those stresses contribute to the development of low back pain, especially in the ageing population. This research aimed to shed light on the role of a particular protein in the response of these cells to stress.

Currently, I’m working in the field of medical diagnostics. I perform blood tests and analyze data related to an array of examinations, including hormone, antibody, vitamin, and drug levels. This practical application of science allows me to contribute to diagnosing or preventing disease by offering valuable information to doctors of many patients across my country.

In the future, I aspire to delve into the pharmaceutical sector, where I can engage in the processes of clinical trials and the efforts to offer safe and effective drugs to people in need.

Why did I start this blog? Because I love writing, and I love science. Combining these passions, I hope Simplebiol will become a platform that shares the beauty of science and helps others discover the awe-inspiring world we live in.

Simplebiol spans diverse corners of biology: basics of DNA, molecular interactions that drive cell function, and mechanisms behind disease, but also, fascinating facts about animals, plants, and other organisms.

Whether you’re a student or an enthusiast eager to learn, this space is crafted with you in mind. Having navigated the challenges of being a student myself, I understand the importance of simplifying complex scientific concepts. My goal is to be your guide, offering a helping hand as you embark on your own scientific journey.

This blog is not just a repository of information. Your thoughts, questions, and insights are always welcome, as I believe that curiosity and sharing ideas have always driven scientific research forward. Together we can help each other understand the complexities of biology a little better.

Thank you for being a part of this scientific adventure.

Happy exploring!